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Dufferin Park
Sat, May 2611:30 AM9:00 PM570
Sun, May 279:00 AM6:00 PM540
Sun, May 278:00 PM9:00 PM60
Mon, May 288:00 AM6:00 PM600306754
Mon, May 288:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Tue, May 299:00 AM6:00 PM540
Wed, May 309:00 AM6:00 PM540
Wed, May 308:00 PM9:00 PM60
Thu, May 319:00 AM6:00 PM540
Fri, Jun 019:00 AM9:00 PM720
Sat, Jun 0210:15 AM9:00 PM645
Sun, Jun 039:00 AM6:00 PM540
Sun, Jun 038:00 PM9:00 PM60
Mon, Jun 048:00 AM6:00 PM600306754
Tue, Jun 059:00 AM9:00 PM720
Wed, Jun 069:00 AM6:00 PM540
Wed, Jun 068:00 PM9:00 PM60
Thu, Jun 079:00 AM6:00 PM540
Fri, Jun 089:00 AM6:00 PM540
Sat, Jun 0910:45 AM2:00 PM195
Sat, Jun 097:00 PM9:00 PM120
Sun, Jun 109:00 AM6:00 PM540
Sun, Jun 108:00 PM9:00 PM60
Mon, Jun 118:00 AM6:00 PM600306754
Tue, Jun 129:00 AM6:00 PM540
Wed, Jun 139:00 AM6:00 PM540
Wed, Jun 138:00 PM9:00 PM60
Thu, Jun 149:00 AM6:00 PM540
Fri, Jun 159:00 AM9:00 PM720
National Stadium
Sat, May 268:00 AM10:00 PM840
Sun, May 278:00 AM10:00 PM840
Mon, May 2810:00 AM6:30 PM510306754
Tue, May 298:00 AM7:00 PM660
Wed, May 308:00 AM7:00 PM660
Thu, May 318:00 AM7:00 PM660
Fri, Jun 018:00 AM7:30 PM690
Sat, Jun 028:00 AM2:00 PM360
Sat, Jun 024:00 PM10:00 PM360
Sun, Jun 038:00 AM6:00 PM600
Sun, Jun 038:30 PM10:00 PM90
Mon, Jun 0410:00 AM6:30 PM510306754
Mon, Jun 049:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Tue, Jun 058:00 AM7:00 PM660
Wed, Jun 068:00 AM7:00 PM660
Thu, Jun 078:00 AM7:00 PM660
Fri, Jun 088:00 AM10:00 PM840
Sun, Jun 108:00 AM10:00 PM840
Mon, Jun 1110:00 AM6:30 PM510306754
Mon, Jun 119:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Tue, Jun 128:00 AM7:00 PM660
Tue, Jun 129:00 PM10:00 PM60
Wed, Jun 138:00 AM10:00 PM840
Thu, Jun 148:00 AM7:30 PM690
Fri, Jun 158:00 AM10:00 PM840
Optimist Park
Sat, May 2611:30 AM10:00 PM630306754
Sun, May 279:00 AM10:00 PM780306754
Mon, May 289:00 AM6:00 PM540306754
Mon, May 288:00 PM10:00 PM120306754
Tue, May 299:00 AM6:00 PM540306754
Tue, May 298:00 PM10:00 PM120306754
Wed, May 309:00 AM5:30 PM510306754
Wed, May 308:00 PM10:00 PM120306754
Thu, May 319:00 AM5:15 PM495306754
Thu, May 317:30 PM10:00 PM150306754
Fri, Jun 019:00 AM5:30 PM510306754
Fri, Jun 018:00 PM10:00 PM120306754
Sat, Jun 0210:15 AM11:00 AM45306754
Sat, Jun 0212:30 PM10:00 PM570306754
Sun, Jun 039:00 AM10:00 PM780306754
Mon, Jun 049:00 AM6:00 PM540306754
Mon, Jun 048:00 PM10:00 PM120306754
Tue, Jun 059:00 AM6:00 PM540306754
Tue, Jun 058:00 PM10:00 PM120306754
Wed, Jun 069:00 AM5:30 PM510306754
Thu, Jun 079:00 AM5:30 PM510306754
Thu, Jun 078:00 PM10:00 PM120306754
Fri, Jun 089:00 AM5:30 PM510306754
Fri, Jun 089:15 PM10:00 PM45306754
Sat, Jun 0910:45 AM10:00 PM675306754
Sun, Jun 109:00 AM10:00 PM780306754
Mon, Jun 119:00 AM10:00 PM780306754
Tue, Jun 129:00 AM6:00 PM540306754
Tue, Jun 128:00 PM10:00 PM120306754
Wed, Jun 139:00 AM5:30 PM510306754
Wed, Jun 139:15 PM10:00 PM45306754
Thu, Jun 149:00 AM5:30 PM510306754
Thu, Jun 149:15 PM10:00 PM45306754
Fri, Jun 159:00 AM10:00 PM780306754
Packham Road
Fri, May 255:00 PM8:00 PM180306754
Sun, May 279:00 AM6:30 PM570306754
Sun, May 278:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Fri, Jun 015:00 PM8:00 PM180306754
Sun, Jun 039:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Fri, Jun 085:00 PM8:00 PM180306754
Sun, Jun 109:00 AM6:30 PM570306754
Sun, Jun 108:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Fri, Jun 155:00 PM8:00 PM180306754
SERC Hardball
Sat, May 268:00 AM9:00 AM60306754
Sat, May 263:30 PM10:00 PM390306754
Sun, May 278:00 AM10:00 PM840306754
Mon, May 288:00 AM5:30 PM570306754
Tue, May 298:00 AM7:00 PM660306754
Wed, May 308:00 AM6:00 PM600306754
Wed, May 308:30 PM10:00 PM90306754
Thu, May 318:00 AM7:00 PM660306754
Fri, Jun 018:00 AM4:30 PM510306754
Fri, Jun 017:00 PM10:00 PM180306754
Sat, Jun 028:00 AM9:00 AM60306754
Sat, Jun 023:30 PM10:00 PM390306754
Sun, Jun 038:00 AM10:00 PM840306754
Mon, Jun 048:00 AM5:30 PM570306754
Tue, Jun 058:00 AM7:00 PM660306754
Wed, Jun 068:00 AM6:30 PM630306754
Wed, Jun 069:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Thu, Jun 078:00 AM6:30 PM630306754
Thu, Jun 079:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Fri, Jun 088:00 AM4:30 PM510306754
Fri, Jun 087:00 PM10:00 PM180306754
Sat, Jun 098:00 AM10:00 PM840306754
Sun, Jun 108:00 AM10:00 PM840306754
Mon, Jun 118:00 AM5:30 PM570306754
Tue, Jun 128:00 AM7:00 PM660306754
Tue, Jun 129:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Wed, Jun 138:00 AM6:30 PM630306754
Wed, Jun 139:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Thu, Jun 148:00 AM7:30 PM690306754
Fri, Jun 158:00 AM4:30 PM510306754
Fri, Jun 157:00 PM10:00 PM180306754
SERC Softball
Fri, May 256:00 PM9:00 PM180306754
Sat, May 269:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Sun, May 279:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Mon, May 289:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Wed, May 309:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Fri, Jun 019:00 AM7:00 PM600306754
Fri, Jun 016:00 PM7:00 PM60306754
Sat, Jun 029:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Sun, Jun 039:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Mon, Jun 049:00 AM5:15 PM495306754
Mon, Jun 046:45 PM9:00 PM135306754
Wed, Jun 069:00 AM6:30 PM570306754
Wed, Jun 068:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Fri, Jun 089:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Fri, Jun 086:00 PM9:00 PM180306754
Sat, Jun 0912:45 PM9:00 PM495306754
Sun, Jun 109:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Mon, Jun 119:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Wed, Jun 139:00 AM6:30 PM570306754
Wed, Jun 138:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Fri, Jun 159:00 AM9:00 PM720306754
Fri, Jun 156:00 PM9:00 PM180306754
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