SMBA Reimbursement Form (Stratford Minor Baseball Association)

Print SMBA Reimbursement Form
Please fill out this form to request a refund for a payment made to SMBA. Any questions please email [email protected]
  1. Please be assured that SMBA will not share any of the following information.
Contact Information
Please fill in below only if you have submitted a payment to SMBA which you need to be reimbursed for.
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2 Options for Reimbursement: 1. Direct deposit (fill in banking info below and your money will be deposited in your bank account)----- 2. Cheque by Mail (do not fill in below and cheque will be mailed to the address you provided above)----- Any questions please email [email protected]
  1. (Name of your bank, for example: TD, RBC, BMO, etc.)
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