Umpires (Stratford Minor Baseball Association)

This page will contain important information for our Umpires for the upcoming season.  Please check back often for updates! 

2019 Payment updates:


Payments for House League umpires for the month of May have been processed.  Payments should be in accounts by June 7th or 8th.  Rep games are to come soon.  

Payment for rep were processed June 5th and will be in bank account by June 12th. 

REMINDER:  If you have not emailed banking info to [email protected], you will not get paid. 

1)  *** 2019 Umpire Rates ***

They are as follows:

a)  Pitching Machine House League:  $25 and $25
b)  Peewee and Bantam HL:  $33 plate, $28 bases
c)  Rookie Rep:  $33 Plate, $28 bases
d)  Mosquito Rep:  $38 plate, $33 bases
e)  Peewee Rep: $43 plate, $38 bases
f)  Bantam Rep:  $50 plate, $40 bases
g)  Midget T2:  $55 plate, $48 bases
h)  Midget T1:  $55 plate, $48 bases (two base umpires)
i)  Junior:  $60 plate, $53 Bases (two base umpires)

All Tournament games will be paid at the above rates. 

2)  *** PAYMENT METHOD ***

We listened to our umpires.  They want to be paid more frequently.  We have implemented a new direct deposit system for our umpires.  We will NO LONGER be making payments via cheque.  Payments will be made every two weeks (Mondays) and will be direct deposited to your bank account. 

We are using a new system called "Plooto" to make these payments.  For the first payment, you will receive and email that will ask you to provide your bank account information. After that, the deposits will happen automatically.  If you would like to submit your banking information BEFOREHAND, please send a copy of a VOID cheque (or scanned copy) to [email protected] 

We will also need your email address as soon as possible.  Without an email address, payments can not be made. 

4)  Umpire-in-chief

Rep:  Barry Grasby:  [email protected]
House League: Steve Vaters: [email protected]

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